A TikToker asked Kanye West how much his outfit cost and the rapper had no idea other than his $ 200,000 watch


Kanye West Fit Check

Kanye West was interviewed by Chris Smoove. TikTok / @christoosmoove

  • TikToker Chris Smoove shared a video of him asking Kanye West about the cost of his outfit.

  • West responded “I don’t know” to almost all of the questions Smoove asked.

  • When Smoove asked about the rapper’s watch, he replied “$ 200[,000]. “

A Tiktoker asked Kanye West about the cost of his outfit, but rapper “Donda” replied that he didn’t know other than his $ 200,000 watch.

Chris Smoove gained popularity on the social media platform by asking strangers questions about their outfits, money, or social media usage.

Over the weekend, Smoove shared a video of him asking West how much his outfit cost, which included a Balenciaga bag.

In the video, Kanye West responds with “I don’t know” in the same tone for each of Smoove’s questions until he came to the watch, which West said was “$ 200.[,000]. “

It is not known which watch West is wearing in the video, however, GQ reports that West’s collection includes a Cartier Crash, one of which was recently sold at a Christie’s auction for a record $ 225,000.

Smoove also posted a photo posing with West on his Instagram, which appeared to have been taken the same day the video was filmed.

According to PageSix, West was in New Canaan, Connecticut on Friday to visit an 80-acre “humanitarian and cultural center” called Grace’s Farm.

In 2018, according to the Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian West revealed that the rapper had done a whole closet when they started dating. Kanye West also had his own fashion lines, including the $ 90 Gap hoodies and $ 200 Gap Puffer jackets that launched earlier this year.

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