A transgender student would have been removed from the vote of the Royal Election of the Georgia School


By Alexander Kacala

Dex Frier, a student at Johnson High School in Gainesville, Georgia, says school officials dismissed him from the prom ball king's ball this year because he was a transgender and was then asked to run as a ball queen candidate.

Dex FrierCourtesy of Dex Frier

"I ask that my identity be respected and included," Ferry, 17, told NBC News. "I want to emphasize that withdrawing from the King's vote and giving me the opportunity to run for the title of Queen should not have been the way to remedy this situation."

Lisa Frier, Frier's grandmother and guardian, said that her grandson had told her more than a month ago that he had been nominated by her peers for the title of King of Frier. ball.

"They probably voted for him because he is incredibly talented, extremely diverse, very endearing, very insightful and intelligent. I think the group he is associated with is very valuable, "she said. "But maybe they also try to make a statement:" Let's be loving, kind and inclusive, "which is one of the currencies of the school.The administration that withdraws it from the poll is by no means a representation of it. "


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