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A very good story about what's a very good guy, Roman Reigns

Life is moving faster than ever in 2019, and we already have the impression that Roman Reigns is declaring that his leukemia is in remission and that he is back with WWE more than two days ago.

But before we all come back to boo or encourage the Big Dog as we see fit, a story of former WWE writer, Kazeem Famuyide. He shared this story in a Twitter feed after the quote tweeting a clip of Roman on GMA yesterday (February 26):

"I've had the opportunity to work only very often, but all you hear about guy is true. A real leader, incredibly positive, just a great guy and so happy that he is happy and healthy.

Roman's quick story, the first time I wrote for Roman on the road, I was sitting with him to produce a behind-the-scenes segment with Charly. [Caruso]. It was a decent copy, but I am new and I knew that managing Roman was a heavy responsibility. So we look at the copy and Roman wants to finish the promo with some curse word. I always feel like I'm not using curses because "God, do not be so rude …", so Roman says, "I'll go ask Vince, very quickly."

Roman goes, gets the agreement, comes back to me and I say "dude, thank you. I know they will nail my ass if it has not been settled and you are much more important than me for this place. Lol Roman does not even blink and goes …

"Nah, my brother. Everyone here is important. I'm just a member of the team like you and I would not want you to stay that way. Note that I may have had two meetings with guy until then and he went out of his way to make sure of course I did not catch the heat. And that's what it is for everyone. That probably does not mean much, but it's the little things like being just a solid guy and being wary of anyone around him that makes him a true leader, and when he's gone, you'll feel his presence even more.

That's it, but Roman is dope. I am happy that he has his flowers and a second chance to be really appreciated for the talent and the person he has worn. "

Even more proof that if you can react as you wish with Roman Reigns, or with the performer, there will probably be a queue of people ready to fight if you play for Roman Reigns, the man (aka Joe Anoa ' i).

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