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A video surveillance shows a daycare teacher who said that a girl had fallen on the table

A video surveillance at a daycare in St. Louis County, Missouri, revealed that a teacher had violently hit a 3-year-old girl against a cabinet, causing the girl's head to tear on February 1. .

In a note sent to her parents at home, Brighter Day Care and Preschool teacher first claimed that her fall was the cause of the child's injury. "She knocks her head when she falls on a carpet," said the "unintentional injury form" sent to the family.

Brighter Day Care and Preschool At least two children were injured at Brighter Day Care and Preschool in St. Louis County, Missouri. A girl had a deep nick in the head when a teacher would have thrown him across the room. Google Maps

However, the surveillance video shows the little girl standing calmly near a chair for two minutes before the teacher walks towards her across the room. You can see the professor sorting the girl's arm and dragging her before she throws her against a cabinet, the Sgt. Kevin Smith of the North County Police Cooperative told the St. Louis Dispatch.

The three-year-old girl was taken by ambulance to the hospital with a deep cut to the head. She received seven stitches and was then hospitalized for three days when the wound was infected, the newspaper reported.

"In no world did this family have any idea that what was called a fall was actually an assault until they saw this video," said family lawyer Jennifer Hansen at KTVI.

Hansen said the daycare manager had told the family that she was not watching the video surveillance until she was not with her. Five days after the incident, one of the child's family members recorded the video of a surveillance monitor with his mobile phone.

"The daycare could have viewed these images at any time," Hansen said. "They did not do it and they allowed the babysitter who assaulted this little girl to continue working at the facility for another five days."

In investigating the incident, police discovered a second victim, Smith said. The second child was injured in the skin by a puncture, but was doing quite well now, said the officer.

The workers involved in both incidents were no longer employed by the daycare. "We can assure you that children are no longer in danger," said Smith.

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