A viral video on the VISWASAM mass combat scene has fled | தியேடதியேட டரைதியேட கிழியகிழிய குமவைக தலசண தலசண தலசண


VISWASAM | Battle scene fled | Viswasam Shooting Spot – The Fighting Scene Leak | Viswasam Teaser – Ajith
தியேடதியேட டரைதியேட கிழியகிழிய குமவைக தலவிஸ தலவிஸ தலசண தலசண தல Ajith's Viswasam Fight Scene Spot

Viszasam Ajith's fight scene made without dope artist Ajith Kumar current film is Viswasam director is Shiva now shooting at ramoji film city Ajith made a mass fight without dope videos.
விஸவிஸவாசத்திலவாசததிலஇப் திலஇபபடி்இபபடிஇபஇப் சணஇபபடி்சியாசணசியா்

As mentioned earlier, #Viswasam, # ThalaAjith, is being shot at Ramoji Rao Film City in Hyderabad. Manufacturers have erected a cage for an intense action scene starring Ajith Kumar and Ravi Awana. Now, few photos of the location are broadcast on social networks. A single click of Viswasam is enough for Ajith fans to keep social media on fire. #Viswasamshootingspot is in fashion on Twitter right now. Ajith can be seen in a white shirt and veshti, he looks pretty much like he was in Veeram. It's a fight scene and we can see Ajith observe the action movements that are taught to him. Thala in a veshti who fights in a cage, it sounds great not interesting?

Thala Ajithkumar and the villain were seen in the Viswasam shooting spot between a cage fight scene