A viral video saved his father from National Geographic Deportation


On February 28, 2017, Fatima Avelica, 13, saw her father, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, being detained by immigration agents. She took out her phone and started recording. In the video, which went viral almost instantly, you can hear it crying. The family was immediately put in the spotlight, attending press conferences and rallies for the father's release. This intimate and emotional piece shows how the family copes, more than a year later.
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Viral video saved his father from National Geographic deportation

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26 thoughts on “A viral video saved his father from National Geographic Deportation”

  1. Some people are missing the entire point here! Let me simplify this to everyone who may not understand. If you break the law, you go to jail, its simple as that. I myself cannot go and break the law and say "Hey I have a 13 year old daughter or a 5 year old son, please don't take my kids away from me." If that was the case, than no one would be in jail (Well the ones that have kids) and this world would be in chaos. Kids have to suffer for the parents mistakes and its ashamed. It is wrong for parents to use their kids as pawns to get what they want. It is not fair and not right. Laws are in place to protect the people and society.

  2. They should stick to the deportation. Now knowing he is illegal, an investigation into his friends and family should be opened. People tend to stick by others with similar lives. His daughter is here because of a loop hole, she is nothing more than an anchor for her parents to hold onto. The left is concerned about closing loopholes maybe that's one they could tackle.

  3. Wow!!This people looks like a real threat,even more so than the Russians and 100 times more than when the president gave away U.S. Intel to the Russian spies inside the the WH,no AP allowed..very scary ?

  4. No sympathy for someone that had 25 years. That being said, it appears that he and his family are good citizens and I hope that it becomes easier for contributing families and individuals to gain citizenship.

  5. I personally think that illigal emigration both in the US and in Italy has to stop immidiately, i know this is harsh but if you think about it, if you let more people inside your country that don't have a certain level of education and don't have any money to pay for it ,
    The first that will happen is that they won't find a substainable paying job
    2nd thing that will happen is that most of these people will relie on alternative ways of supporting their families such as prostitution, drug dealing and robbery.
    Which cause more problems for the state the have recided in
    So there you have it my opinion.

  6. Okay. I am a immigrant. I came here legally when I was 1. I know a lot can’t afford to come here legally but when you have been living in this country for 25 years and haven’t made an attempt to get at least a green card, that’s on you. Before trump, it was not that hard to become a citizen or a green card holder unless you had very serious criminal history. I have sympathy for these people but then I don’t. I’m not a trump supporter but they do have a point. Yes, it cost money to get a green card or become a citizen but they should of thought about it before popping out kids. Illegals never thought they needed to do anything because nobody thought someone like trump would do what he is doing.

  7. My wife's aunt and uncle spent no less than a dozen years getting legal countless meeting w lawyers and money never breaking any laws (never crossed illegal) today they can come and go but…..they rarely leave, America is badass fk this guy straight up my wife's aunt already speaks some English w less than 2 years being here she loves it here

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