A viral video shows a teenager attacked for wearing the "Make American Great Again" hat

Police investigate after a teenager was verbally assaulted and assaulted at a Whataburger for wearing a Make America Great Again Hat.

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  1. Love trump or hate trump America is the land of the free and you have the right to wear or support whatever you want

  2. Wear stupid Nazi clothes, win stupid prizes. Gotta love retarded righties.

  3. Why is anyone surprised? This is not the first incident where a Trump supporter gets assaulted. Mentally inferior people have a justification for everything.

  4. From other clips appears Hunter used the N…word in response. Neither actions supportable.

  5. This is nothing try wearing a white hood around !!!!

  6. He threw drink like a mad bitch at a dinner party

  7. So cops killed black n brown kids just because they feel like it so ?trow him the drink?????????????????

  8. I read somewhere that a witness overheard the teens talking about killing people, wishing the purge was real, and a bunch of racist things. Not excusing what this guy did, but they should show the whole story.

  9. Mexicans at there best. Why you people a lot them to rape our country?

  10. Muslims. This is AMERICA. GTFO if you don't have white skin. Go back to Africa and mexico and india and china for Christ's sake

  11. Why can't WHATABURGER release to the authorities their security footage that night – along with whatever transactions that shithead made?

  12. he took his hat then went home and listened to kanye

  13. What a faggot picking on a 16 year old kid, if he isn’t happy he should get the freedom boat back to Africa

  14. Yaaaaaaay, send me his go fund me please. They don’t want to accept the consequences of their actions lol…… that’s exactly what white cops would’ve said to black kids in this situation. Beautiful!

  15. send him back to the jungle mud huts. why do we need him here ?

  16. Well I can guarantee you even when I was 16 me and my friends wouldn't of let that guy walk out the door before kicking his ass. Him throwing a drink in my face would NOT be the end of that story. His ass on the floor would.

  17. This is all being driven by fake news and the lefts agenda of abusing others who do not believe in thier view. Trump 2020

  18. The leftist scumbag's name is : Kino Jimenez "Screenshots of Jimenez’s now-deleted Facebook profile are also circulating on social media. He wrote on his page that he worked at the San Antonio bar. He wrote in his profile’s “About” section, “thug life.” On Instagram, he wrote about himself, “Jedi-Knight Musician Spaceman.” If a thug is a cowardly pussy who attacks kids because he doesn't like their political persuasion then.. yeah.

  19. Hahahahahah, a teen cry baby just like his master donald trump……..SAD

  20. I would have literally gotten up and smash the chair against that liberal fucker's head

  21. the democrats are a bigger issue than autism

  22. the democrats get even more schizophrenic every

  23. He was just following Maxine Waters instructions.

  24. That's the definition of a coward. Hands down. If that was a body builder, he wouldn't of done that. What a big baby.

  25. Keep poking that bear with a stick , lefties.

  26. Yeah bet that man felt like a bad ass for picking on basically a child Sorry teenagers, I still see you as a kid when you're 15/16.
    This is the tolerant left everyone. Look at that smug smirk/smile on that guys face. You know liberals ain't shit when they're resorting to picking on teenagers and the elderly.

  27. That bitch would not have gotten out of that restaurant without the assistance of paramedics.
    Let's see how he handles someone his own size.

  28. He just made that kid vote Republican for the rest of his life

  29. Wish I had been there. He would've looked stupid crying from two broken arms.

  30. He did it because he called him a nigg** and he and him family should be lynched. That's what happens when a pussy little beta wants to be a racist little bitch boy. He should of curbed stomped that fucking cracker.

  31. Assault on a minor and theft, coupled with racist insults. I'd say that's grounds for a hate crime. He deserves the max sentence. What kind of 30 year old man would do this to a group of 16 year olds..? Lock him up!!

  32. Liberals will cause a civil war in AMERICA get your gun ammo ready !!

  33. Stupid kids like these all over who provoke n start filming when they see the bull, I don't blame the black dude.