A winner of the White Sox for Timmy!


You have to hit far if you're in the center of Comerica Park, and that's exactly what Yoan Moncada did in the Chicago White Sox 7-3 win over Chicago in Detroit.

Moncada kicked off the match with a bang as he launched a 458-foot rocket, the longest home run of his career. He had to try to catch him at the hotel where Tim Anderson was watching the game.

The night was cool in Detroit, 42 degrees to be exact and 30 degrees with wind chill, but that did not seem to bother Carlos Rodón. Rodón still pitched without underwear, like beerleaguer, with the loose top button and everything. Rodón beat the Tigers for the second consecutive time: six innings, six, three steps and a deserved shot by Josh Harrison. Rodón also took the win, going to 3-2, and lowering his breeding time to 2.89.

Here is a funny tweet for us, fans of Sox, on Rodón, clearly indifferent to the cold and the wind. We will not be able to wait for the day we will see it launch in October.

The White Sox were unable to break a 1-1 tie before the fifth inning, while Jordan Zimmermann gave up a good walk filled with bases in Moncada. It is there that Ron Gardenhire went out to argue with the ja, pushing him to be ejected. Not quite sure what Gardenhire was arguing, as the five Zimmermann pitches in the sequence were out of the box. As the Sox and Tigers arrived without their skipper, the match was ready for the White Sox to break. José Abreu had a busy opportunity in bases, but missed in second place. Fortunately, he caught up with her later in the game.

In the seventh inning, the Sox really managed to break the game. Leury García named Ryan Cordell and Yolmer Sánchez, eliminating Zimmermann from the match. Daniel Stumpf relieved and immediately gave a single to Moncada, followed by a brace for Abreu, who scored García and Moncada. With these two points produced, it marked the 500th goal of Abreu's career. The Sox managed to get another point, with a single goal from Yonder Alonso scoring Abreu.

Ryan Burr finished seventh and was in good shape until he allowed Grayson Greiner his first circuit in the major league circuit. After that, Burr was able to finish the race without a problem. Jace Fry had a beautiful eighth place with two strikeouts, including a freeze on future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera for a nice "K." backward.

The Sox went to the ninth leader 7-2, and Alex Colomé was about to close the game. It is unclear why he entered a game where Chicago was five points ahead, but that's what happened. Niko Goodrum started with a solo shot on the right. Jeimer Candelario then doubled to the left. Sánchez was in a perfect position for a double line of play, which allowed him to start at García for second place while Candelario took third place. Eloy Jiménez then played in the outside field with a rather ugly game, playing the ball badly to allow our old buddy Gordon Beckham to double. But the rally was quickly aired as Greiner headed for the center.

One thing to note tonight is Ryan Cordell. Cordell had a goal against three with one goal, a stolen and stolen base, as well as a couple of nice players in the right field, despite the wind and rain. I am all for "Ryan Cordell's experience," as I call it.

The White Sox beat the Tigers, 7-3, without their formidable hitter, Anderson or their manager. Tomorrow, the Sox will seek to ensure at least one series with the division of their team.

Ervin Santana will face Daniel Norris of the Tigers tomorrow. The game time is 12:10 CT, and the delightful Year of the Hamster beards will be the anchor points.

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