A Wisconsin tribe accused of diverting $ 1.5 million from the casino



Federal gambling regulators blame St. Croix Chippewa tribal leaders for pocketing at least $ 1.5 million in casino funds with little or no documentation or receipts.

In the National Game Commission's violation report issued this month, St. Croix Turtle Lake Casino made 275 payments to seven members of a tribe for a total of $ 562,246. $, from 2015 to 2017.

The Sentinel newspaper announced Friday that the commission recorded a total of 527 federal and tribal orders.

Regulators say some of the funds have been used for trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas. Regulators say that in some cases the words "travel" or "consulting fees" were the only description and documentation available for the disbursement of funds.

Fines for alleged violations could exceed $ 27 million. The tribe can appeal the results.

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