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A woman was humiliated when American Airlines had her cover her summer out of a blanket, says a lawyer

Latisha "Tisha" Rowe stated that she and her son were boarding a plane from Kingston, Jamaica to Miami, Florida on June 30 when an airline employee asked them to get off the plane. to speak, said his lawyer, Geoffrey Berg, to CNN.

Rowe was told that she would not be allowed to fly if she did not cover herself, added Berg. Her thighs and arms were exposed in the strapless romper.

Rowe said the employee had asked her if she had a jacket and had ended up giving her a blanket to wrap around her, Berg said.

Rowe tweeted about her experience and shared a photo of the outfit she was wearing.

"This is what I wore when @AmericanAir asked me to get off the plane for a discussion, at which time I was asked to" cover. "When defending my outfit, I I was threatened not to take back the plane unless walking in the driveway wrapped in a blanket. #Notsofriendlyskies, "she wrote.

"My shorts covered everything but was apparently too distracting to get into the plane" she said in a separate tweet.

Rowe, who identifies as black, said black women face double standards.

"We are controlled for our black race.Our bodies are excessively sexualized as women and we must adapt to make everyone comfortable.I have seen white women with much shorter shorts. who climbed into the plane without the slightest hesitation.I guess if a "nice ass" vs a @Serena Booty this is good …, " she tweeted.

Shannon Gilson, spokesperson for American Airlines, said the company was investigating.

"We were concerned about Ms. Rowe's comments, we contacted her and our team at the Kingston airport to gather more information about what happened." We apologize to Ms. Rowe and his son for their experience and have fully repaid their trip. " We are proud to serve our customers from all walks of life and we are committed to providing a positive and safe travel experience to all those who fly with us, "Gilson said in a statement.

Rowe, a family medicine doctor in Houston, said his 8-year-old son "was devastated" by the incident and had taken the blanket once they were sitting and had covered his face. Said Berg. He was in tears when she checked him, said Berg.

According to Berg, American Airlines "has had the opportunity to do what is right," and this includes taking steps to "make sure people are not treated that way, especially women of color ". He added that Rowe was considering suing the airline.

Gilson told CNN that the airline was considering hiring an Inclusion and Diversity Officer, but did not say whether this was related to this recent incident.

American Airlines employees receive anti-racist training
American Airlines ordered all its employees to take anti-racist training after the NAACP issued a travel advisory in October 2017, warning African-American travelers that the airline "could subject them to disrespectful, discriminatory or dangerous conditions" .
The NAACP lifted the warning last July, citing the progress made by American Airlines.

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