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A young fan becomes viral on the red carpet of the British premiere

Captain Marvel celebrated its first red carpet premiere – well, red and blue – in London, but Brie Larson did not get all the attention from Carol Danvers – it's Captain Marvel's mini-ego in the form of a young Internet fan buzzing.

As you can see in the photos shared by the official Twitter account of Marvel UK & Ireland, a young fan had the time of his life meeting his hero while having the opportunity to conduct some interviews during the event , all dressed in his own Captain Marvel costume. Check below.

According to E! News, the name of the young fan is Illy, and not only did she have the opportunity to interview Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and have a special time to get a Larson autograph , she also interviewed Larson, who wanted to know if the girl was running the rug for the event.

The crush was facilitated by The Female Lead, a non-profit organization dedicated to "making women's stories more visible and offering alternative models to those who are still present in popular culture". The organization shared its own photos of the event on Instagram with the caption "Just Two Captain Marvels".

Young Illy's obvious pleasure of being able not only to be part of the premiere, but also to meet Larson is representative of what Captain Marvel This means not only for comic fans in general, but for young women and girls in particular who have the opportunity to see a female hero become the star of his own independent film, Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the first time . This sounds like the reaction of many young women and girls when Wonder Woman broke new ground as the first female solo film for DC.

And, if the #CaptainMarvelChallenge succeeds, Illy's enjoyment will be shared by many other young women and girls. The GoFundMe campaign is a partnership with Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles and raised funds to buy movie tickets and rent movie theaters so girls supported by Girls Inc. have the opportunity to see the film. -Same. The initial goal of the campaign, which was $ 20,000, had more than tripled that goal, raising $ 60,000 at the time of writing this article. Any amount over and above the amount required for film screenings will be donated to Girls Inc. and We Have Stories to "support their various programming efforts".

We Have Stories is a non-profit organization that "provides financial grants for resources and support for storytellers and content creators from diverse communities to help increase the positive portrayal of these groups in the media."

The GoFundMe page emphasizes that "everyone should have the opportunity to see women in roles they might aspire to one day, roles that show women are strong, smart, and bold. From a teacher to a fighter pilot or a superhero. This is an opportunity to continue to empower girls to be exactly that. "

You can find more details by visiting the page here.

Captain Marvel in theaters March 8. Other upcoming MCU films include Avengers: End of the game April 26 and Spider-Man: far from home the 5 of July.

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