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A young mother used a shotgun to kill 3 girls, herself: the sheriff

A mother in Michigan, struggling with paranoia and hallucinations, killed her three daughters with a shotgun before turning on her, authorities said.

Aubrianne Moore, 28, shot and killed her three daughters – Kyrie Rodery, 8, Cassidy Rodery, 6, and Alaina Rau, 2 – with a breech shotgun in a wooded area of ​​Solon Township body in his car and driving them into a house located in the 200 block of 19 Mile Road, where Moore then got out of the car and committed suicide, said officials of the Kent County Sheriff, MLive.com.

Moore was suffering from mental health problems before the murder. In September, a social worker asked to be hospitalized for paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations.

"Aubrianne keeps her kids home from school because the TV told her that there would be a school bus crash today," wrote a social worker in the court archives from Newaygo County obtained through the website. "Aubrianne remains awake at night thinking that people will go home. Aubrianne does not eat believing that the food is poisoned. "

Kent County Sheriff Sgt Joel Roon said the investigators had found Moore's weapon in what the coroner later decided: a triple murder-suicide.

Kyrie Rodery and Cassidy Rodery
Kyrie Rodery and Cassidy RoderyFacebook

Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young told WOOD that Moore had her two older daughters back to school on Monday around noon before stopping for lunch. She then took her three daughters to a property in Solon Township owned by the great-grandparents of the girls.

Once there, Moore used his boyfriend's shotgun to kill his daughters, leaving behind three used bushes in a wooded area behind the house. Moore then went to his boyfriend's neighbor's house and shot himself in the vehicle, WOOD reports.

"We were able to establish quite accurately the chronology of everything from the moment children were cared for until the bodies were discovered. We are therefore absolutely certain that no one else could benefit [to be involved]Said LaJoye-Young at the station. "In addition, ballistics was compatible with suicide [and] the three murders. "

Alain Rau
Alain RauFacebook

Moore did not leave a suicide note, but the sheriff said the investigators had found disturbing recent writings.

"She thinks she's protecting kids from something and most of her writings have really followed that line," LaJoye-Young said. "I do not know what to say anymore. There is no good answer here.

Moore has agreed to be hospitalized, but it is unclear how long she was treated at Forest View Psychiatric Hospital near Grand Rapids, WOOD reports.

The girls' uncle, Joseph Graham, said they would be remembered as "beautiful angels" whose mothers had been neglected by doctors. He is now trying to raise at least $ 15,000 for funeral expenses and related legal issues. On Thursday morning, the online fundraiser was over $ 6,000.

"If all you can do is pray and spread the word, we can prevent that from happening again," Graham wrote.

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