AAF Power Rankings Week 3: Orlando No.1 after a victorious victory in San Antonio


It's good to have Steve Spurrier again coach.

In January, during the training camp, he mentioned a recent meeting with Urban Meyer, Ohio state coach, now retired, who was attending the convention from a coach in the area. While they were recovering in the good old days, Spurrier could not help but notice how comfortable Meyer seemed to be.

"He looks really good, he is happy and happy," said Spurrier before adding, "I told him to wait until you are in two years, and we will see how happy you will be. "

Spurrier called it the two-year itch. And of course, about two years after retiring from training in South Carolina, Spurrier felt like he was returning to training. That's when the Apollos of Orlando offered him a position that he could not let pass. It was a chance to again call plays in a familiar neighborhood not far from Gainesville, where he is still an ambassador to his university, the University of Florida.

After two games in the first season of the AAF, it's easy to see that Spurrier still has them, both as a call to the game and as a maximum thrower. Not only has Orlando had the No. 1 offensive in the Alliance, but Spurrier's spirit remains as lively as ever. After the thrilling victory of the Apollos 37 to 29 at San Antonio, Spurrier was asked what he thought of the noise of the crowd on Alamodome. His answer:

The Apollos should be at the forefront of this week's power standings on the sole basis of this answer, but we are trying to carry out a legitimate operation here. Yes, Orlando is your new No. 1 team within the AAF, but she has earned this recognition. It was not a very difficult call either. After the n ° 1, things become interesting.

Check out this week's power standings below to see how the rest of the FAA goes.

1. Apollos of Orlando (2-0)

Let's go beyond the 37-29 win at San Antonio. Offensive points and explosions have been much sought after, so their value is higher. No team is more valued than the Apollos, who lead the AAF with 38.5 points per game. The score is not only due to the offense – Orlando also has a pair of six choices – but that's what is remarkable. Quarterback Garrett Gilbert has grown from a career mate to one of the Alliance's most notable players, no doubt thanks to the work of his coach Steve Spurrier. Gilbert also has weapons around him. This offense is already clicking on a level that most others are not, which gives them the advantage over a championship course. Previously: n ° 2

2. Arizona Hotshots (2-0)

Coupled with the great victory of Orlando, Arizona's escape to Memphis (20-18) overthrew Hotshots. The team of Rick Neuheisel could still be the one who will beat in the West Division, but the first half of the game on Saturday's road has made them lose some ground. Five turnovers, including two unsuccessful attempts on the fourth attempt, will do the trick. If the Memphis defense deserves to go around the chariots and play the lights for most of the game, the Hotshots also showed that they were still one of the Alliance's most prolific offenses. When they absolutely need points, Arizona scored two touchdowns in its consecutive attempts, averaging 81 yards in less than five minutes. This is worth something. Previously: n ° 1

3. Commanders of San Antonio (1-1)

Finally, the controversy. Victories and defeats matter, of course, but commanders had a lead over Orlando before the fourth quarter of Sunday's exciting game. San Antonio fell victim to what eventually became a choice among the six finalists, but it was a fantastic football match, with a lot of positives. Commanders have weapons with running back Kenneth Farrow and the emergence of receiver Demarcus Ayers. A negative point though: the defense on which I was so optimistic after the first week? Yuck. There were a few too many blankets exploded in the high school. Previously: No. 4

4. Birmingham Iron (2-0)

The Iron beat the home game against the Stallions, eliminating a 9-0 deficit at halftime to win 12-9. Gritty, certainly, but sometimes disturbing. Two-thirds of the Iron's offensive possessions were four games or less, and their average yards per game was 3.4. And the drops of reception? Frame. Birmingham had one offensive touchdown and the other, a deflated kickback for a score, probably should not have counted. I will never hunt in a team for finding a way to win – the Iron are determined to form teams with solid defense – but if I hold on, it's the explosive character that counts, this team has a few steps delay . Previously: No. 3

5. San Diego fleet (1-1)

Like all the other favorites of last weekend, the fleet needed a rally to win. Thanks to Mike Martz's team for 1) having their first touchdown of the year, 2) breaking the front door in a 24-12 win over Atlanta and 3) doing everything in the pouring rain. There are still a lot of questions about offensive line and quarterback situations, but this defense has seemed strong over the past two weeks. Previously: No. 6

6. Salt Lake Stallions (0-2)

So begins our journey in the 0-fors. The Stallions seemed to be the best of the no-win teams and defender Karter Schult (two sacks against Birmingham) is becoming one of the Alliance's best defenders. But not having injured starting quarterback Josh Woodrum (hamstring) and Austin Allen had a hard time defeating him in Birmingham. Previously: No. 5

7. Memphis Express (0-2)

It was not over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, nor when the Express was excluded by the Iron in the first week. the first two quarters – all in addition to territory. What they did not do well, is to convert these business numbers into points. A 12-0 lead at halftime was good, but I did not feel too comfortable. Indeed, Hotshots have made a comeback. Memphis seemed better from week 1 to week 2, but this offense remains a liability. A match against the road in Orlando during the third week will be a real beast. Previously: n ° 8

8. Atlanta Legends (0-2)

Atlanta had a very bad start with two games on the road: one against Orlando and the other in the pouring rain. These are not excuses for why legends are 0-2, but they did not help. To the credit of Atlanta, he had a lead over San Diego, he just could not close it. Back home against Birmingham in the third week, can the Legends finally win their first win? Previously: No. 7

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