AAF Week 5 scores, updates, highlights: Apollos wins an impressive victory at Iron; Fleet host stallions


We have finally arrived midway through the AAF season. You can go and say that the series race really starts to heat up this weekend as the teams will face division opponents and there will be key games over the next two days.

The weekend started with an impressive victory from Orlando to Birmingham. These were the best teams in the East Division (and maybe the two best teams in total), but the Apollos showed once and for all that there was a big gap between them and all the others .

Later in the evening, the Stallions and Fleet will compete for the position in the West standings. Although Salt Lake City has only 1 to 3, each team in the West is 1 to 1 in the division.

CBS Sports will cover all the latest scores, highlights and updates of Saturday's AAF matches, so be sure to check all day to stay abreast of the latest events.


Orlando Apollos 31, Birmingham Iron 14 (final)
Salt Lake Stallions 11, San Diego Fleet 6 (3rd Quarter)

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Stallions shave their lead to take the advantage

Salt Lake City has an opportunity to get ahead in the West Division with a win over San Diego. The Stallions got off to a good start with a touchdown in the first quarter of running back Joel Bouagnon. A two-point conversion gave the Stallions an 8-3 lead, although the fleet scored another goal in the second quarter. The Stallions have faced four of the best AAF teams for four weeks, giving them a record under .500. But this is a team that has played better than her record and she turns out to be a tough opponent for the Fleet, which does not have quarterback Philip Nelson (fractured collarbone).

Apollos responds and puts away the iron for good

Orlando always seems to have an answer every time an opponent gets closer. With Birmingham at hand, the Apollos have turned to the two players they regularly rely on: Garrett Gilbert and Charles Johnson. The two men found themselves on a nice touch to put the Apollos up 29-14 with a successful conversion in two points for a score of 31-14.

Both players had huge games Saturday with Gilbert beating for two goals and Johnson getting his usual high-volume receptions with a touchdown to start. They were by far the all-purpose combo in the FAA.

Price gives Birmingham its first TD of the season

Birmingham looks like a completely different offense with Keith Price in the backfield – in other words, it sounds like a more powerful offense. Price was an imbalance for Orlando's defense by causing him all sorts of leg problems. However, he did not always try to run. The former Washington quarterback extended the game by coming out of the pocket and hitting the game with a tight end, Wes Saxton quickly becoming his favorite target.

Since he replaced Luis Perez, Price has completed 11 of his first 15 passes for 180 yards and a touchdown, the first score of the season for Iron.

Iron finally on the board

Luis Perez's quarterback move to Keith Price has paid off in Birmingham. Price led the Iron on the field for a necessary mark, completed by Trent Richardson's eighth touchdown of the season. This allowed Birmingham to be within nine points, although the Apollos added a field goal just before the ring to reach the score of 20-8.

However, if you delete the wrong interception of Perez, it is a 12-8 game. Birmingham's defense settled after dropping the early touchdown, and the move to Price led the way. In no case, this game is still finished.

Pick six puts the Apollos on the hot seat, Luis Perez

So much for Luis Perez who impresses the NFL teams after a good start. Iron quarterback made his third interception of the season on Saturday – a six-round pick against Apollos cornerback Keith Reaser. For the record, this is the second choice of Reaser on the season and the third touchdown by the defense in Orlando. Meanwhile, Perez has not touched yet.

The Iron placed Perez on the bench of former Washington quarterback Keith Price. Even though there is still a lot of play, 14-0 is not exactly the type of deficit the Iron is used to.

The first Orlando training ends with a touchdown all too easy

The Apollos had a near-perfect start against Birmingham and the Iron Curtain defense. Quarterback Garrett Gilbert earned 5 points out of 6, his only missing point being a fall as he led the Apollos to 75 yards to take a 6-0 lead. Orlando coach Steve Spurrier knows how to attack the defenses and the go-and-go game dug the Birmingham area with Gilbert rushing on a 21-yard touchdown. The game is long and the Iron have the best defense of the Alliance, but it was a quick and surprising start.

Apollos Will Hill safety back from a head injury

Birmingham has not tested much defenses vertically this season, but the good news for Orlando this Saturday afternoon is that Hill is active after suffering a head injury in the fourth week against the Stallions. He had been restricted during Wednesday's training, but he regained his full participation Thursday and Friday. Hill, with cornerback Keith Reaser, is a key member of one of the FAA's top secondary officers and is second on the team with 16 tackles.

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