Aaron Judge Leaves Yankees Match With Apparent Injury


We all knew things were going too well for the Yankees. After a win last night, the team firmly controlled a 6-1 game against the Royals. Aaron Judge chose to put the runners at the corners and was quickly removed from the match.

The Yankees star started a good game after her first quarter match. The single was his second time reaching the day. He seemed to be very uncomfortable on his swing and was walking slowly and terribly slowly along the line. As soon as the game was over, Steve Donahue went out to remove the right defensive player from the game and put Tyler Wade in his place.

There is a lot of speculation about the nature of the injury, and some injuries are correlated with swinging a baseball bat, but for now, we do not have enough information to say what was the problem for the judge. All we can do now is to monitor the details provided by the Yankees, and we will update this story as we receive information.

Meanwhile, this is yet another Yankee added to the list of players unable to play, and could be the biggest piece on this list this year. It's not great, guys.

UPDATE: Yeah, it's an oblique wound:

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