Aaron Rodgers: Pack "could just as well leave everything lying around"


While the Green Bay Packers 4-6-1 have consistently emerged victors in the playoffs, the wolves arrive for Aaron Rodgers, who told the press on Wednesday that there was no problem with his fundamentals and that he might lose some extra chances. extended.

"Yes why not?" Rodgers said he was asked if he felt the need to let go for Green Bay's last five games. "If we lose, you're going to write to us, so let them hang out together these last five [games]. "

Maybe too, because Green Bay is behind the eighth ball in the NFC. The Packers are 3.5 games behind the Chicago Bears and two on the Minnesota Vikings in the North of the NFC. They have lost four of their last five games. Green Bay is undefeated at home but without a win on the road.

A quick look at the Rodgers statistics line shows nothing really wrong with the QB. The future Hall of Fame has a TD / INT ratio of 20: 1 and a score of 101.7 for smugglers for the season. However, his 61.7 percent completion percentage is its lowest since 2015 and would be the second lowest of his career. Rodgers also leads the league with hits in 46 pass attempts; no other QB has more than 27.

All this led the Packers watchdogs to wonder: what's wrong with Aaron?

"I do not think I need to answer the basics," Rodgers told reporters on Wednesday. "I mean, I see the fundamentals, I run as I run, I do not play differently this year, it's just that we do not complete as many percentage passes.

"I'm listening to my quarterback coach, my offensive coordinator and my head coach.My self study, I'm very critical of my own movie.I do not play fundamentally differently.You can not have it at once You can not love it when it's a certain way and then criticize it when it's the other way around.I mean, you can do it because you get paid for Again, that's the cycle of the news, they're going to take care of things when you're in a situation like this where we're at, we're 4-6-1, so that comes with the territory. "

To avoid dropping to 4-7-1, and for the most part outside the conference, Rodgers and the Packers will be responsible for defeating the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau. Rodgers may not need to "leave everything lying around" against 2-9, but Sunday's performance will be an insightful look at how Green Bay changes offense during its playoff campaign .


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