About Last Night: Drummer by a winner

Dwyane Wade scored another win on Wednesday in a career full of great moments.

We do not know if Wade's 3-point wild buzzer beat to lift the Miami Heat over defending Golden State Champion 126-125 is a cornerstone of his career. Although this is the 16th and final season of Wade, who knows, great moments could remain in the remaining 22 games of the Heat's regular season, while they're fighting for a playoff spot.

But this one was certainly happy, memorable and something rare – evoking a 10-year-old misplaced drummer from Devin Harris. The local crowd applauded the hero of his hometown after Wade's shot in imbalance at the end of the allotted time.

"We continued to fight and continue to believe," said Wade in the field during an interview during which he praised Kevin Durant, who made big shots and finished with 29 points. "The ball swayed and everything and I just got it and I tried to put it in. God has put it in. I'm just overwhelmed right now."

It was the fifth – and perhaps even the final – buzzer-drummer winner of Wade's career.

Dwyane Wade describes the last seconds of the Heat's victory.

As always, we rate the experienced drummers on our Horry scale.

Reminder: The Horry Scale breaks down a winning ringtone (GWBB) in difficulty categories, game situation (was the team tied or late at the time?), Importance (playoff match or evening gardener in January?). ) and the party. We then give him an overall score on a scale of 1 to 5, Robert Horrys, named in honor of the patron saint of last-second prayers.


Dwyane Wade carries her off with a crazy and unbalanced shot after a momentary loss of control.

DIFFICULTY: It was a 3-pointer, but not a long distance 3. And Wade seemed to be looking at the top of the key after receiving a pass from Dion's servers. But Jordan Bell shut down quickly and partially blocked him, making him fall from Wade's hands. Turning back to regain control, Wade grabbed him and threw him to the one leg basket – a hard move for an improbable shot in the off-glass bank as time passed.

SITUATION OF THE GAME: The Heat let slip a 24-point lead and fought to catch up four points at the last minute. It was a game that the Heat, the losers of seven of their last 10 games, needed to keep a place in the race for the Eastern Round of 16 final. The wild sequence started with 10 seconds and the heat trailing by two. Wade dribbled the field, almost lost the ball but found it and found the servers that sent him back to Wade with about 2.5 seconds to go. It was then that Wade attempted to shoot the 3rd, was blocked and recovered for the wild uprising with time. The looks of disbelief on the warriors said everything.

PARTY: The Heat did not sign its ticket for the final, but you would have thought it from the celebration. Wade ran along the court as the crowd roared and his teammates caught up with him and harassed him. He then climbed onto a court table and hit his chest three times before making a victory round by waving a white towel.

QUALITY: The only thing that prevents this being the highest year – five Horrys – is that he won a game with relatively few things online. 4 1/2 Horrys.

The Celtics are falling again

The Boston Celtics have still not won since the All-Star break after losing four straight games. The latest came from the Portland Trail Blazers, who are now on a five-game winning streak.

The Blazers, behind the 33 points of Damian Lillard, beat the Celtics 97-92 after beating 11 in the third quarter.

Lillard has 33 points and seven rebounds to beat the Blazers

Boston played with more energy tonight but things have not gone as planned. Kyrie Irving scored 31 points in the loss.

Vince Carter suspends time

He may be 42, but Vince Carter of the Hawks still has some jumps and he can stay with the best. Watch him defy gravity to drop a pointer to a two-handed hand over the Wolves' Karl-Anthony Towns.

He also took a forearm in the abdomen.

Another series for Harden?

It was not good, but James Harden scored 30 points in his first game after a series of 32 broke Monday night against the Hawks. And although 30 is not a sneeze for the average player, it's a poor day for Harden, who scored 50 times and more four times during the series. But now he's fighting with his long distance shot.

Still, the Rockets win while Harden stands out a little from his high standards, eliminating the Hawks on Monday and ahead of the Charlotte Hornets in the fourth quarter to maintain a victory of 118-113. Harden's performance from the line (9 to 9) in the right and PJ Tucker's 3-point shot (5 to 5) allowed the Rockets to win.

Surprisingly, Harden was 0-to-22 beyond the bow covering three games before nailing a 3-pointer with 3:19 to play in the third quarter. He finished the evening 1 of 11 on a long distance after scoring 0-10 on Monday at the end of the goal series.

Being on the 3 can hurt, as this sequence shows. With a few seconds left in the third quarter, Marvin Williams takes control of Harden's ledge, dribbles for a time or two and kicks 6 feet inside the half-court line to beat the buzzer. It's a six-point recovery that gave Charlotte a 94-90 lead by going into the fourth.

Although Charlotte could not close Houston, Kemba Walker finished with 35 points in the Hornets' loss after collecting 18 points in the second quarter and 27 in the first period.

LeBron restarts

The look of Anthony Davis said everything.

LeBron James showed how well he managed to put an opponent aside – the New Orleans Pelicans.

The dagger arrived with about 31 seconds and the shot clock went off when the Lakers clung to a 120-117 lead. James lost the round to Julius Randle, found him and dribbled to the corner where he shot a shot off 3-point balance that did not touch the goal, as the timer was spinning out.

With six points lead and the deflated Pelicans, the The Lakers held firm to win 125-119. It was a well-deserved victory for the Lakers, who may not be competing in the Western Conference playoff race, which is full of power.

LeBron beats the stopwatch with a hard shot.

Costly loss?

Milwaukee Bucks dominated Sacramento Kings 141-140 in overtime, and the loss could have been costly for the Kings.

Marvin Bagley III collapsed near the end of the third quarter and was twisted with pain before being rescued.

After the game, the Kings called the injury a knee sprain and announced that Bagley would receive an MRI on Thursday to determine the extent of the damage.

Big Money Winner

A talented and lucky fan inflicted $ 100,000 in half the game against the New Orleans Pelicans against the Los Angeles Lakers. It can be argued that Dean Tran of Camarillo, California, has more reason to be happy with his shot than Wade was from his drummer.

The 40-year-old becomes the eighth winner, with the exception of ex-Laker Vlade Divac, who shot for a charity, to win the MGM Big Shot jackpot, a promotion launched during the 2006-07 season.

Tran is the second winner of the season at the MGM Big Shot Jackpot, and the first since Ali Sabbouri of Anaheim, CA, won $ 30,000 on October 22, 2018.

A leg of strength?

Who said basketball is a matter of manual coordination? A round ball is a round ball, and some Atlanta Hawks used a football exercise during pre-game warm-ups. Alex Len even made a perfect shot using the top of the foot.

Where is the soap?

Boston coach Brad Stevens is not known for his vulgar language. So when he launched an "F bomb," he surprised some of the young Celtics. Not Evan Turner.

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