Abrams on Biden: "We can not have perfection as a litmus test"


Stacey Abrams defended Joe Biden on Thursday over allegations that the former vice president improperly touched women, saying "we can not have perfection as a litmus test" for the candidates .

The former governorship candidate in Democratic Georgia, who participated in MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, added that she thought Biden was being held accountable and l & rsquo; Had applauded for being committed to changing behavior.

"We can not have perfection as a litmus test, the responsibility of the leaders is not to be perfect but to be accountable, to say, '' I made a mistake, I understand it and here's what I will do to reform myself as I move forward, "said Abrams.

"I think we see Joe BidenJoseph (Joe) Robinette Biden Three more women are making allegations against Biden after promising to change their behavior Steve King defends Biden: He's "just a loving type" Buttigieg on Biden's allegations: "This is not a bad thing, "everyone is held" very high "standard" PLUS " do that. I think the vice-president acknowledged the discomfort he caused. He created a context that explains why this is his behavior and he confirmed that he would do something different in the future. I think that's what we should be looking for, "she continued. As a people, we must be ready to forgive. But forgiveness does not mean that you accept it, unless you see a responsibility. "

A number of women said last week that Biden, who is expected to announce his presidential campaign for 2020 in the coming weeks, had touched them in a way that would make them uncomfortable. Lucy Flores, a former Democratic legislator from Nevada, launched her first charge on Friday. Since then, at least six more women have come forward.

Biden released Wednesday a video saying that he would be "much more attentive" to the women's personal space.

"Social norms have started to change, they have changed, and the boundaries of personal space protection have been reset, and I understand that," he said. "I hear what they say, I understand it, I will be much more attentive, it is my responsibility and I will face it."

Abrams, who could also run for president in 2020, also reiterated Thursday her denial of a report that Biden considers her as running for vice president.

"I do not think you would run in second place," said Abrams. "I do not intend to enter the presidential race as the main candidate for the vice presidency.If I participate in the race for the presidency, I will participate in the race. to the presidency. "

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