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Accenture Appoints Julie Sweet as Executive Director

The consulting firm said Thursday that Sweet, 51, will hold the position of senior official in September. She currently leads Accenture's North American operations, which account for nearly 50% of the company's worldwide revenues.

Julie Sweet will become CEO of Accenture in September.

"Julie is the right person to lead Accenture in the future, given her mastery of our business and her proven ability to deliver results in our largest market," said David Rowland, interim CEO of the company and new president of the company. council, in a statement.

Sweet joined Accenture (ACN) in 2010. After 10 years in the legal department of the company Cravath, Swaine & Moore, she held the position of senior counsel of the company.
There are more women than leaders in Fortune 500 companies than ever before. The latest Fortune list, released in May, brings the total to a record 33.
More women than ever join Fortune 500 tips
That's up from the previous record of 32 in 2017 – but women like Mary Barra's General Motors (GM) and Ginni Rometty's IBM (IBM), still represent only 6.6% of Fortune 500 executives.

Sweet also sits on the boards of Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that promotes the advancement of women in the workplace, and the Business Roundtable, one of the largest lobbies in the world. Washington's most powerful business.

As head of Accenture (ACN) In North America, she is interested in the evolution of technology in business and the workplace and in the way companies can adapt.
"We have really seen a shift in the competitive landscape and the way companies are considering digital," Sweet told CNN Business in January. "[They’re saying]"Digital is clearly essential, and if we do not properly resolve the relationship of trust, we will not be able to stimulate our growth."

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