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Accenture chooses Julie Sweet as new CEO

Accenture has appointed Julie Sweet as Executive Director, replacing David Rowland, Acting CEO, who stepped in after the death of Pierre Nanterme in January. Rowland will become executive chairman.

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Sweet is currently CEO for North America, the company's largest market. In her role, she has been instrumental in transforming the consulting firm into the engine of digital transformation for the world's largest companies. Accenture now serves 92 Fortune 100 and three quarters of the Fortune 500

"We have designed Accenture to be a driver of continuous innovation for ourselves and for our customers," said Sweet in an interview with Fortune. The company's transformation story is impressive: today, 60% of its business is focused on digital and cloud technologies, compared with less than 10% 10 years ago. And this record of internal innovation, she says, allows her to effectively advise other companies on their innovation pathways. Sweet notably advocated the creation of a network of 11 "innovation poles" in the United States, in which "we bring innovation to the doors of our customers".

Accenture has become a real monster over the past decade, with worldwide revenues of more than $ 40 billion and nearly 500,000 employees. As a result, it has turned into a gigantic void of young talent, hiring up to 90,000 people a year. Sweet has also played a larger role in corporate efforts to fill the skills gap in the United States and to create a national learning movement. "We believe that we have an obligation to lead in the communities in which we live and work and help businesses and communities prepare for the future of work."

At 51, Sweet could have the opportunity to run the business for a decade or more. When asked how society could change during this decade, she said, "It is almost impossible to predict another decade. The important thing is that you build your business so that you can seize the opportunities that arise. "

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