Accomplishing his promise The president returned to Palu to see first-hand the treatment of Palu after the earthquake


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President Jokowi ensures that the basic needs of residents are gradually met

President Joko Widodo will visit several localities during his visit to central Sulawesi today. The first place he visited upon his arrival in the city of Palu was in the village of Petobo, in the district of South Palu.

There, he reviewed the location of the village ruins and the treatment of affected victims in South Sulawesi. He also received a number of reports regarding the recovery of activities and public facilities that were located there.

"I return to the field to see the real conditions after an order placed 4 days ago, related to evacuation, electricity, fuel, logistics and especially the treatment of injuries", said the president at the place of examination, Wednesday, October 3, 2018..

According to him, the process of evacuation, cleaning and search of the victims on the scene had proceeded as planned. A number of additional heavy equipment has also been used to speed up the handling.

"I see that everything is going well." The evacuation of heavy equipment has entered all areas, here already in Balaroa and elsewhere have already begun to clean and the search for victims has begun. , did he declare.

Along the way, the president went to the scene of the examination. He also saw a number of PLN teams, apparently composed of 500 people, who had started repairing the power grid that had been paralyzed after the earthquake.

"I was able to report that 40% of the electricity had been turned on while it was not coming from the substation, but from small and medium generators that had arrived here," said the president.

Although related to other needs such as fuel oil and logistics, he explained that now these needs have begun to be distributed in a number of places affected by the earthquake. Especially for BBM, the president found that stocks were gradually normal.

"The logistics have started to come in and spread, because there are places that have not been reached, it's still going on today, I just ordered it. at Sigi Regency there were 4 subdistricts that still needed logistics, we will order their delivery go ahead, "he added.

The head of state hopes that the speed of treatment of victims and areas affected by the earthquake will soon be completed. In addition, the government will try to revive the economic activities of people stranded after the disaster.

"We want to activate the economic points of the markets and the stores and urge them (the residents) to reopen so that the economic activity moves. We hope that this process will be completed soon to enter the following stages, namely the rehabilitation. and reconstruction, "he said. .