According to an model, the Raiders ranked second for … a quarter


With six days left in the NFL draft in 2019, Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock would have closed their ranks, sending all their lower scorers home for lack of confidence.

It makes sense for Raiders to send people home for several reasons, mainly because they have all the information they need. It's now up to Gruden and Mayock to make the decisions.

But what if Silver and Black want the secret for a different reason? And if there was a prospect that would probably be selected before the Raiders were on the clock at No. 4, that Gruden and Mayock want to try to maneuver an exchange to go up and get? An electric quarterback who has been dazzled during his lonely season as a college star and has all the tools to succeed in the modern NFL.

Kyler Murray.

Of course, it is generally believed that the Arizona Cardinals will choose Murray with the No. 1 pick and throw quarterback Josh Rosen to unknown places. Rumors leaked Thursday that the Raiders could do a "big blow" for Murray, and now it is a bit more logical that Mayock and Gruden have locked themselves under the trust of confidence that surrounds them.

After a disappointing first season in the Gruden offensive, many wondered how long Derek Carr would remain quarterback in Oakland. Although Mayock and Gruden offered their support to the 28-year-old appellant, this was not at all overwhelming.

In fact, although Mayock and Gruden claim that Carr is their guy, the Raiders met Murray and worked in Dallas earlier this month.

In fact, we know very well that Mayock and Gruden like Murray.

To be fair, what does not love?

In his only season as a starter in Oklahoma, Murray captivated the world of college football with 4,361 yards and 42 touchdowns, while receiving 1,001 yards and 12 touchdowns to win the Heisman Trophy.

Clearly, Murray would be the perfect quarterback for the Raiders' new attack.

After adding Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams, JJ Nelson and offensive striker Trent Brown, the Raiders need a dynamic quarterback who can extend play with his legs and use the new elongation weapons of team field by shooting indented shots.

Last season in Oklahoma, Murray averaged 11.6 yards per pass and a ridiculous 16.8 yards per contest. He was the very definition of a smuggler on the ground.

Let's compare that to Carr, who averaged 7.3 yards per pass and 10.6 yards per game last season, and it's easy to understand why the Raiders might be trying to make a splash. Of course, Carr's numbers could be the result of less powerful weapons in the fields, or maybe the Fresno State product is just not as confident as it should in the modern NFL.

Carr, 28, was nominated for the Most Valuable Player Award in 2016, but failed to take another step forward in the past two seasons. Meanwhile, Carr completed 66% of his passes while accumulating a ratio of 41 to 23 touchdowns. Carr is a solid NFL quarterback, but he does not have Murray's ability to play and prepare for a game and a fresh start would be good for him.

In the open NFL, a mobile game quarterback and a star receiver can take you far. Just ask Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and the Kansas City Chiefs. The very thing that many NFL teams are trying to reproduce now.

If Gruden and Mayock are really as in love with Murray as they seem, maybe they could stick together to try to negotiate an exchange with the Cardinals, knowing that if he were to fail, they could deny and reverse their weight behind. Carr.

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With four choices in the top 35, the Raiders have enough ammo to move in different ways. Until recently, it was thought that they would focus on rebuilding their defense early in the repechage, but Gruden may be hoping for a bigger prize than Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa. Maybe he's staring at the star who was supposed to patrol the central field in the same Colosseum that the Raiders call home for an extra season.

Murray has all the tools that a quarterback needs in the modern NFL, and there is no doubt that Gruden has thought of the 5-foot-10 caller who will launch long touchdowns to Brown in the near future.

If the craze is real, only one question remains: can the Raiders do the necessary to pick up Kyler Murray?

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