According to CNN analyst David Gergen, Roger Stone could be perceived as a "dandy" in prison: "Will he be a victim of rape?"

CNN's chief political analyst, David Gergen, asked Monday if Trump's former advisor, Roger Stone – whom he described as "dandy" – would be raped in prison.

Gergen explained that Stone was now in very hot water after posting a picture of a federal judge on Instagram showing what appeared to be a line of sight in the background. CNN's talking head explained that it was the same judge who threw the book to Paul Manafort, who would be in a difficult period of confinement.

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"Roger Stone must also fear that if he goes, he will be perceived as a dandy. Will he be physically safe? Will he be subject to rape? There must be many things that go through his head, "said Gergen.

According to Merriam-Webster, the term "dandy" means "a man who pays exaggerated attention to personal appearance", although it is sometimes used as a homophobic insult.

Kate Bolduan, the CNN host, did not recognize the comment and quickly asked Stone whether or not to receive a harsher order.

Gergen made the comment Monday, but Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra resurfaced on Wednesday and tweeted the video segment. The followers of Saavedra responded with severe criticism of Gergen's choice of words.

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CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

NewsBusters editor Curtis Houck told Fox News that the comment was "a disgusting and ugly stereotype that has no place in a culture of civility and truth that CNN claims to want", but he does not expect the network to apologize anytime soon – pointing out that CNN's Jake Tapper recently suggested Peter could enjoy jail.

"CNN is reliable enough to tackle the numbers and the experts they do not like, when they say something controversial," Houck said. "Unfortunately, I do not hold my breath until they say something about what one or the other person said."

It seems that Gergen was allowed to make this remark, but other commentators were scolded on the air for various controversial statements. In 2017, for example, author and sports radio host Clay Travis shocked Brooke Baldwin of CNN for saying, "I am a First Amendment absolutist and I believe in two things: the First Amendment and the breasts ".

Meanwhile, Stone removed the controversial photo after posting it earlier in the week, but later published the same cliche, this time without a cross and slammed the lawsuit into a caption.

"Thanks to the legal trick, Deep State hitter Robert Mueller has ensured that my next lawsuit will be in the presence of Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama-appointed judge who has rejected Benghazi's charges against Hillary Clinton and incarcerated Paul. Manafort before his conviction for any crime, "wrote Stone was subtitled.


US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered Stone to come Thursday afternoon to explain why she should not change or revoke bail – or even impose a full gag order – following the blunder. social media.

Stone and his lawyers filed a notice on Monday night, recognizing that sharing the photo was inappropriate and apologetic. His lawyer also said that he had the intention to apologize in person on Thursday.

"Please inform the Court that the photo and comments of today were inappropriate and should not have been posted. I had no intention of disrespecting the court and presenting my humble apologies to the court for the transgression, "Stone said.

On Instagram, Stone said the message was "misinterpreted" and denied attempting to threaten the judge.

Adam Shaw of Fox News contributed to this report.

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