According to Miyamoto, Nintendo has not been trapped in online network services

Mario's creator and Nintendo veteran Shigeru Miyamoto disputed the idea that Nintendo would have fallen behind technologies such as online network services and virtual reality. he was "a little slow" to join global trends such as cloud computing, mobile and virtual reality.

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"We have not fallen behind with RV or network services," Miyamoto replied. "We worked on them from the beginning and we experienced them in different ways."

"During that time, we objectively assessed whether they really gave our consumers an enjoyable gaming experience and whether we could run them at an appropriate cost," he continued. "Because we do not publish this information before the release of a product, it is possible that we tend to fall behind."

On the issue of cloud games, Miyamoto said: "I think that cloud games will become mainstream in the future, but I have no doubt that there will always be fun games because they work locally and not on the cloud. "

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Nintendo has long been regarded as the console company that stands out from the competition with respect to advanced technologies, especially in the online space. Nintendo's online services are often criticized for lacking quality of life features, such as using long alphanumeric friend codes rather than usernames. The current generation has however taken a step forward for the company, with Nintendo Switch Online, although basic compared to the competition, slightly more in line with the offers of Sony and Microsoft.

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