According to police, a man has plunged his testicles into salsa


A Tennessee man has avenged himself from an uninformed client by allegedly dipping his testicles in a salsa container before delivery.

The Maryville police arrested Howard Matthew Webb, 31, after a 14-second clip of the incident was seen on Facebook. He faces a charge of "adultery with food, liquids or pharmaceuticals".

The Daily Times reported that the woman who received the salsa ordered food at a Mexican restaurant on January 12 through the Dinner Delivery service. Webb was a passenger in the delivery vehicle and the couple were upset by the customer's tip.

"Webb has produced a video showing Webb placing his testicles in a salsa container and (the driver) is laughing and saying," This is what you get when you tip 89 cents for almost 30 minutes of driving " Police Department investigator Rod Fernandez wrote in the warrant, according to the Daily Times.

The driver was not charged and Dinner Delivered stated in a statement to the Daily Times that he was an independent contractor.

Police opened an investigation after the company contacted them about the video, said Maryville Police Chief Tony Crisp.

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