According to police, a man simulates his own kidnapping to avoid paying his debts at the Super Bowl


Robert Brandel

NEWFANE, NY (KRON) – Police have announced that a man had arranged his own kidnapping and robbery for not having to pay $ 50,000 in debts that he had accumulated in the Super Bowl pool that ### He had organized.

According to, on February 27, Robert Brandel, 60, was found by police, tied to the back of his truck, in a supermarket parking lot in Newfane, New York.

Brandel would have had a rope around his neck, the other end being wrapped around the headrest. His hands and feet were also tied with tape, according to the publication.

Brandel told the authorities that two men he had picked up in his truck two days ago had shown a gun and stole $ 16,000 in cash that he had earned in the Super Bowl pool.

He added that the men then forced him around the west of New York for two days, then that he had tied her up and left in the parking lot.

The police quickly discovered that Brandel was not telling the truth.

Brandel is charged with both fraud and misrepresentation.

His next court appearance will be in March.



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