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According to reports, it seems that the last of us 2 could come out in February 2020


Ashley Johnson: voice actor, lead actor, rumored fuel distributor.

By Joseph Knoop

It seems that the last part of The Last of Us Part 2 could come out in February 2020, according to several reports.

Reported initially by Eurogamer, three separate reports or comments indicate a publication date early 2020 for the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2. First is a recent interview of Critical Role's YouTube channel between dubbing actress Ashley Johnson (playing Ellie in The Last of Us and several characters in Critical Role) and creative producer Critical Role, Brian Foster, who are also engaged to each other.

In the interview, Foster asks Johnson when the game will be released, and Johnson begins to pronounce what appears to be the word "February", emitting a distinct "feh" sound before Foster actually interrupts it with a follow-up comment. Skip to the mark of one hour and seven minutes to see the exchange.

Giving a little more credibility to this possible slippage of the language is a report Jason Schreier from Kotaku. Last May, Schreier's source informed him that Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima's next game, would be released in November, which turned out to be accurate. At the same time, Schreier says that he was told that The Last of Us 2 was replaced by "early 2020, maybe in February?"

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Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners for the video game industry, later reported on ResetEra that February 2020 was Naughty Dog's current internal date for the last of us. However, it is not known how Ahmad arrived at this information.

Placing The Last of Us 2 at the beginning of 2020 would not be improbable. The first game was released on PS3 in June 2013. With Death Stranding, Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokémon: Sword and Shield in November 2019 and Call of Duty and Outer Wilds, released in October, it would make sense even for a huge title like The Last of Us 2 give yourself some leeway early next year.

Joseph Knoop is a writer and producer for IGN. He will need a lot of Strongjaw Ale to get ready until 2020.

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