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ACHES reveals the biggest concern of Modern Warfare after the unveiling of the gameplay

Patrick's ACHES & # 39; Prince, a member of Team Envy, presented the main positives and negatives of Call of Duty Modern Warfare after watching the first unveiling of the July 11 multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer gameplay of Call of Duty focuses only on a new 2v2 mode called "Gunfight". As always, the community was extremely excited to see what was planned in the next addition to the CoD franchise.

ACHES, captain of Envy, double World Champion Call of Duty and veteran of the competition, was one of the first to comment, citing one of the major problems of the movement at stake.


The new 'Gunfight & # 39; Modern Warfare seems to show disturbing movement changes.

"Something I do not like, is how much the movement" seems "clumsy," he said. "Of course, seeing vs. playing is quite different, but running, jumping, etc., looks like a battlefield.

He seemed disappointed with a possible change of movement, which could jeopardize the success of Modern Warfare. Call of Duty games are known for their fluidity and a change like this could make the game awkward and less responsive than previous titles – which nobody wants.

However, not everything is dark, ACHES wishing to change gears and obviously enthusiastic about the return of tactical and deadly grenade options; this change would drastically change things, would probably slow down the game and encourage increased use of tactics and strategy, rather than fast fights.

"It really looks like you can not run in shootings," he said. "It looks like it will be an advantage in position.This part that I love at least.Tacitcals / Lethals is back in force too."

Overall, the negatives seem to outweigh the positives, but there is still much to be revealed for the latest version of Call of Duty. Fortunately for fans of the franchise, the developers have already responded to a number of concerns regarding the fact that the multiplayer experience is "too different".

The next revelation of gameplay is scheduled for August 1st. We hope to be able to determine if the movement is really as clumsy as it seems.

Until then, casual and competitive players will spill over from all the details revealed so far in trying to find Easter eggs or answers to their ever-growing list of questions.

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