"Active Shooter" reported to the Walter Reed Military Hospital was an exercise


There have been reports of active fire at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. But that turned out to be an exercise.

WUSA reports that a Pentagon spokesman said that it was an exercise on campus.

Naval officials stated that it was "an ad hoc exercise on the part of the tenant".

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The base was cleared at 3:20 pm IS.

Despite the military's assurance that it was an exercise, a congressman who was on the base was sheltering on the spot, at the time may not have known it. A member of the Maryland Congress, Dutch Ruppersberger, was in a conference room with about 40 other people in the shelter.

His representatives tweeted shortly before the exercise was confirmed by several media, that he did not think it was an exercise.

Others have posted a video of the response of the forces of order during the event.

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