Actors of The Punisher and Jessica Jones of Marvel react to cancellations


The collaboration between Marvel and Netflix ends …

By David Griffin

Warning! SPOILERS for season 2 of The Marvel Punisher below.

Netflix and Marvel have canceled the last two shows of his superhero team – The Punisher and Jessica Jones. Today, the world of The Defenders TV seems to be dead, unless Hulu or the upcoming Disney + streaming service does not enter and save the day.

For now, we can only speculate on why these beloved series have been canceled. Maybe the Disney streaming service is responsible? And while these cancellations were difficult for fans, actors and creators are also saddened by the news and shared their feelings via social media. Jon Bernthal, aka Frank "The Punisher" Castle, joined Instagram after the news.

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Krysten Ritter, aka Jessica Jones, told her fans that she was "proud of how well we accomplished JJ's trip" during the last season, which will be presented later this year. It seems that Season 3 does not end on a cliffhanger if we get a "complete" story … Only time will tell.

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Ben Barnes, who has embodied Frank's archive, Jigsaw, has published a bloody picture of himself on the set of Punisher Season 2. Barnes said that he "was completely disgusted at not seeing what you had planned for a third season".

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In a letter to fans, Marvel's TV director Jeph Loeb also reacted to the cancellations. "On behalf of everyone at Marvel Television, Loeb explained, adding," We could not be more proud or grateful to our audience. Our network partner may have decided that he no longer wanted to tell the story of these great characters … but you know Marvel better than that. As Matthew Murdock's father once said, "The measure of a man is not the way he is hit on the carpet, it's the way he gets up."

Jessica Jones's best friend, Trish Walker, played by Rachael Taylor, said she was "looking forward to sharing Season 3" with everyone.

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Vincent D'Onofrio, who played the infamous Kingpin for three seasons on Daredevil, has Twitter empathize with all those who have lost their jobs as a result of the cancellations.

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Jessica Jones star Melissa Rosenberg promises to leavewith a shot for our last 13 eps when they have air. "

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Carrie-Anne Moss, star of the Matrix series, who plays fearless lawyer Jeri Hogarth, said she was "grateful for years spent on the set of Jessica Jones."

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And finally, Jessica Jones' co-star, Eka Darville, who portrays Malcolm Ducasse, a recovering addict, posted on Instagram to thank "all the incredibly talented actors and team who helped to create 39, a story as rich and astonishing ".

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