Adam Cole’s name is quite popular


Recently, Adam Cole told Chris Jericho that in discussions prior to his decision to leave the company, WWE pitched the idea of ​​changing his name on their main roster.

While writing about this reveal, I (like Cole and Jericho) postulated that it was a very, very bad idea. Because while he had many attributes like sport commentator professional wrestler, the name “Adam Cole” and the two associated slogans “BOOM” and “BAY BAY” are the most recognizable and popular elements of his act.

In support of this, may I present Exhibit A, its entry to Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens for the Grand Slam edition of Carnage which aired on Friday, September 24. There were several loud “BOOMs” along the way, but the climax was downright deafening …

And part B, which is that the song that contains these two slogans is now the best song on the iTunes Metal chart:

While you’re wondering if that would have happened if he was now Klif Sternz (BAY BAY), here are the highlights of Carnage:

  • Watch the end of CM Punk’s first TV game in 7 years
  • Jorge Masvidal and America’s best team crush Chris Jericho and Hager
  • Not the Cue Cards! TNT Champ Miro lets his fists speak
  • Mox & Kingston vs. Suzuki-gun in the Main Event + Who showed up?

For complete results of Carnage this week click here. To read a full recap and review of all of the night’s events, click here.

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