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Adam Schiff on "Face the Nation" quotes a "disturbing" report according to which the military keeps Trump in the dark on Russia

California Democrat Adam Schiff, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Intelligence Committee, said he was troubled by a New York Times article stating that military and intelligence officials are avoiding giving to President Trump detailed information on the measures to be taken to counter Russia in cyberspace. can discuss it with foreign leaders.

"What I found most troubling in this New York Times story about whether we are preparing the battlefield, in terms of the power grid in Russia, is the fact that security officials with The administration felt that they could not say that to the president because it could compromise this information in a conversation with the Russians, "Schiff told Face the Nation on Sunday.

"Or he could contradict their orders, their military decisions, because of the president's obsequious attitude towards Russia," he added.

Schiff, one of Congress's most outspoken critics in Congress, was questioned about the report released on Saturday that described an unseen clandestine covert operation in the United States aimed at infiltrating the Russian power grid through cyber-intrusions for counter Moscow's campaign of misinformation and piracy during the US elections.

The report says that Trump has not been "informed in detail" of the sophisticated operation, in part because army and intelligence officials fear compromising information the about.

"The Pentagon and intelligence officials have expressed a great reluctance to present with Trump details of the operations against Russia, fearing for his reaction – and the possibility that he could to contradict or discuss with foreign officials, as he had done in 2017 when he had sensitive operation in Syria to the Russian Foreign Minister, "said the New York Times.

Asked that the US Congress was informed of the offensive digital campaign conducted by the US military and intelligence services, Schiff said he could not confirm whether he existed or not. "But we certainly urge the intelligence community and our military to be informed," he added.

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