Adam Thielen, "optimistic" agent on the extension with the Vikings

MINNEAPOLIS – In the past, the Minnesota Vikings have granted contract extensions to a handful of players before the expiry of their current contract. That's how the franchise has rewarded Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter and Stefon Diggs in the 2018 Off-season.

Another Viking who could line up for an extension of the season is Adam Thielen. The broad receiver has signed a four-year contract worth $ 19.246 million in 2017, which will bring him about $ 8 million next season.

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Blake Baratz, Thielen's agent, told SKOR North, an ESPN radio affiliate in the twin cities, that he was convinced that a two-person Pro Bowl extension could be reached during the off-season and Thielen if both parties could not reach an agreement.

"Adam is not that kind of person," said Baratz about the escrow. "I would never tolerate that a player hold or disturb if it was for a very valid reason, and [what’s not] For me, a good reason is that both parties work in good faith to reach a conclusion that makes sense to everyone. "

Thielen's record-breaking career record of 113 (113), 1373 (1) and 9 (9) touchdowns led many people, including his representation, to believe that he had surpassed his contract. current.

"This team has a lot of good things in place, and I know that she wants to take care of Adam and I know that they want Adam and I want them to reward Adam "said Baratz. "What exactly does that look like, and when that happens, I can not talk about it yet, but I am cautiously optimistic that everyone is coming and doing the right thing." There is no – nobody is nasty. is greedy, everyone understands the situation and still has a few years to go, but he has won a significant salary increase, not to mention what he did on the ground, he may be one of the best people of all the National Football League and represents the city and the organization and the state and frankly, the entire region incredibly. "

Baratz added: "We all hope this will be done."

At the start of the last training camp, Diggs signed a five-year deal worth $ 72 million, with a signing bonus of $ 15 million. Although it is unclear whether these figures correspond to what Thielen and his representation contemplate, a similar agreement would place the recipient, aged 28, among the top 10 paid of his post.

"In a perfect world, we would like to accomplish something," said Baratz. "We're going to sit here and have conversations over the next few weeks and we'll see where that gets us in. I think everyone knows that Adam deserves a new contract. It's not as simple as to simply extend a high level position. " a hole. There are other plays and the Vikings have done a phenomenal job in managing their salary cap. Rob Brzezinski is one of the best in the game to what he does. It's not fair "How do we reward Adam Thielen?" That's the way we build our list of 53 people that also allows us to be successful in the future. And I understand, I have a job to do and Rob and Rick and the Vikings have a job to do, and we respect what others are doing. This does not mean that we must always agree, but we respect what everyone must do as a profession. "

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