Adnan Syed Dealt Legal Blow



The highest court of Maryland does not believe that Asia McClain could have changed the outcome of Adnan Syed's lawsuit. In a 4-3 decision, the State Court of Appeals on Friday overturned the decision of a lower court that said that Syed's murder conviction was to be overturned, denying him a new trial. Syed, whose case has garnered national attention through the Serial podcast, is serving a life sentence for the 1999 murder of former high school friend Hae Min Lee. Asia McClain was a Syed classmate who claimed to have seen him at the library at the time Lee was gone. she was not called to testify. The Court of Appeal agreed that Syed's lawyer, Maria Cristina Gutierrez, "was missing" at McClain's appeal.

But the majority opinion concluded that "taking into account all of the evidence heard by the jury, we conclude that there would be no significant or substantial possibility that the verdict would have been different if the trial board had presented his trial " Baltimore Sun. Although Syed's chief counsel, C. Justin Brown, said "we are devastated" by the result, he added that his team felt it could "look for at least three other means of relief". He did not elaborate. KREM reports that McClain, now Asia McClain Chapman, called the decision "unacceptable" during a 15-minute interview published on Twitter Friday. the New York Times notes that Gutierrez died in 2004. The four-part documentary The Adnan Syed case First Sunday night on HBO. (Read more stories from Adnan Syed.)

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