Advance Auto Parts Relocates Roanoke Headquarters to Raleigh

ROANOKE, Va (WDBJ7) – Advance Auto Parts moves its headquarters from Roanoke to Raleigh.

The company confirmed the decision Wednesday morning, saying the change will not affect daily operations in Roanoke.

A spokeswoman for Advance Auto said the state of North Carolina announced a $ 10 million economic development grant. The company has agreed to create "a significant number" of jobs in the Raleigh area, including positions related to information technology, data analysis, digital marketing and commerce. electronic.

As part of this agreement, Advance Auto has agreed to designate Raleigh as its head office.

Darryl Carr, director of communications at Advance Auto Parts, said the deal will not affect daily activities in Roanoke. He added that Wednesday's announcement did not include job transfers or layoffs in Roanoke.

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