After a day, Samsung closes the reservations for the Galaxy Fold

That's it, the last stretch. Over the past two years, Samsung has unveiled its foldable display technology at private meetings, and has even publicly launched its first device with this technology at its developer conference last year. After a decade of observing numerous technology demonstrations and foldable screen prototypes at various trade shows, you will finally have the option of owning your own mainstream device on April 26th.

Now, you've probably heard that the Galaxy Fold is not cheap. In fact, it's almost twice as much as some of the flagship base level phones currently on sale. Samsung opened reservations for the phone on April 12 and closed it a day later, early in the morning. The reason the bookings were closed is uncertain, but on April 12, around 3:00 pm, the virtual queue of reservations indicated that 7,125 people had booked the T-Mobile version and 7,460 the AT model. & T in the United States.

The figures above do not correspond to actual sales and currently indicate the number of people likely to buy the phone. Again, it's $ 1,980, so there could be many who could change their mind at the last minute. As you can imagine, the reception seems a little lukewarm compared to the company's most popular Galaxy S line, which has recorded a number of stellar pre-orders this year.

But you expect that a first-generation device costs as much. Like all new things, many have questions, especially with the present display on the Galaxy Fold – especially its durability. Samsung has no answer to this concern, but has tried to calm people's fears by showing that its specially designed hinge can support 200,000 folds, or about five years of use.

Now that the bookings are closed, those interested will have to hope that Samsung will reopen the queue at some point or that enough will be left at physical locations when it goes on sale. Fortunately, this is just the beginning, and if you do not part with your hard-earned money, there should be many different options coming from Samsung and other manufacturers over the next two years.

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