After Luke Perry's blows, a Northwestern doctor speaks of warning signs


Upstate University Hospital (CNYCentral file photo)

The former star of "Beverly Hills, 90210", Luke Perry, made the headlines for having suffered a "massive blow", according to TMZ.

His spokesman said Perry, 52, is currently undergoing observation at a California hospital.

Dr. Hesham Masoud, from the North American University Hospital, specializes in stroke, says that can happen to anyone.

Mr. Masoud wants the news of the victim of high notoriety to echo everyone, at any age.

"The bottom line is to identify that something is wrong and call 911 immediately," Masoud said.

Dr. Masoud, who offered his expertise tonight in Boston, said that time was essential to cope with a stroke, because every second that the brain is bloodless, you lose brain cells.

"It's a sudden subtraction of neurological function.You suddenly know that I can not speak, suddenly I can not, and so on."

If you think someone is suffering from a stroke, doctors urge you to act fast.

In fact, they use F.A.S.T to recall the signs of a stroke.

  • F – for the falling face.
  • A – for the weakness of the arm.
  • S – for speech difficulty.
  • T – for the time to call 911.

"Most people think that when they see a stroke, they think of a manual blow that allows them to move half of their body and they may or may not be able to speak," Masoud said.

Although strokes can occur at any age, several factors can increase the risk of stroke.

People at high risk are people who drink or smoke, a person who suffers from hypertension or diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active can help prevent strokes.

"It's a shame we hear these stories because a stroke is a life-changing event," Masoud said.

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