Ahoy! Cruise on the theme of Golden Girls in 2020


MIAMI, Florida (KTRK) –

Call your friends and confidants for them to travel across the sea! Golden Girls fans will have the opportunity to dive into the 80s sitcom during a five night cruise.

Flip Phone Events organizes the sea adventure from Miami before stopping in Key West and Cozumel next February.

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The sitcom, which took place in Miami, ended in 1992, but it still has a dedicated fan base that can never get tired of Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Blanche (McClanahan Street), Rose (Betty White) and Sophia (Estelle Getty).

The trip includes a tour of the Golden Girls' bars, quizzes, a "One Night in St. Olaf" dance party and a "Rusty Anchor karaoke party" where everyone can be lucky enough to be Dorothy Zbornak for a night. Tickets start around $ 1,000.

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