AI faithfully recreates paintings with the help of 3D printing


RePaint works by stacking ten different transparent inks in thin layers, the AI ​​predicting the ideal stack needed to generate the desired colors. The team also powered AI paints to help determine the colors needed in some areas of a painting, taking into account changes in lighting conditions to ensure consistency. The technology is also based on dithering (creating images using ink dots) for better color matching.

Currently, the technology does not recreate the texture and reflection of the surface, so you will not get the matte or glossy look of some paintings. And you certainly will not get a masterpiece the size of the Louvre – the output format is currently the size of a postcard. If and when it evolves, RePaint could have a wide appeal. You might have a more authentic replica of Monet or Van Gogh at home, while museums could protect valuable originals by showing reproductions as much as possible.


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