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Aidy Bryant in astronaut Anne McClain on SNL: "I'm not crazy!"

Last week, NASA canceled its first all-female walk with astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch, due to the lack of space suits. According to NASA, there were simply not enough suits of the right size, so only one woman could make the trip, and McClain was eventually replaced by astronaut Nick Hague. Although the real McClain was understanding, the parodied version of the astronaut on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update was a little more … expressive.

Clinking quickly, McClain de Bryant was not keeping her cool as she tried to explain why she had been cut off from such a historic event. "I'm practical, I understand. Only a woman in a suit, so Christina went out into space with my colleague Nick, and they swam in the stars and they know what it's like to look at God on Earth and myself … the window and everything is fine!

Bryant's increasingly attained enumerates all of McClains' impressive accomplishments, before adding "but the space jersey and pants were of an inadequate size, so, unfortunately, the dream must die."

"But you still have to go into space, you're just not outside the ship to go out into space," said Michael Che.

"Yes, I have to go into space," Bryant said, squinting and frantically moving his arms. "I have to do all the cold things you know, like shooting me in the sky like a burning bullet, and once I get there, I have to eat all the steak dust. And you know, hisses in my tube!

Bryant put an end to McClain's mild crisis by giving advice to girls who dream of becoming astronauts: "You can all become astronauts, but not at the same time!"

Watch the full clip below.

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