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AirPod dropped on the tracks saved with a smart DIY device

Ashley Mayer's nightmare arrived Tuesday, when one of her AirPods fell on the New York subway.

Mayer asked the help of the metro network operator, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), to retrieve his wireless earpiece.

"I had asked to have [the AirPod] saved yesterday, but it would take two hours and I had to be present ", Mayer tweeted.

One day after dropping his AirPod on the track, Mayer took matters into his own hands. While another person might have jumped on the rails to retrieve their AirPod, Mayer knew it was not worth risking his life.

With a bit of intelligence, she built her own AirPod rescue tool with the help of a broom and duct tape.

A little MacGyver-ing later, and tada:

"The security officer looks suspicious of my broom," tweeted Mayer before using his gear.

His broomstick was not elegant, but it worked! Mayer deserves props to dive into action. Although we are not sure if we want to give the AirPods back to our ears if they sit on the wrong tracks of the New York subway for two days. Let's hope that decontamination has been important.

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