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Airstream's Flying Cloud 30FB is the first to be offered with offices directly from the factory.

The new Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB offers a literal office corner. Even in a 30ft long trailer, space is tight, so it’s not really a spacious workspace. Converted from what was originally a sleeping space in the trailer, it features a desk and office chair that fits neatly into a notch in the desk. There are also hookups for Internet connections and a mounting location for a computer monitor.

The large trailer still has sleeping space for six people, including in the office, which is equipped with a fold-out bed.

“We know the workplace landscape will be forever changed by the pandemic,” said Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream. “This new offering reflects our commitment to be agile and to respond to the needs of current and future customers.”

The Flying Cloud's small office converts to sleeping space at night, if needed.

This is the first time Airstream has offered a fully furnished workspace in a trailer directly from the factory in Jackson Center, Ohio, an Airstream spokesperson said. The small desk has sliding drawers and a built-in Blu-Ray player. Thick curtains can be drawn over the windows to control lighting during video calls. Overhead storage areas have dry erase surfaces on their doors for taking notes and reminders. The space also has USB and HDMI ports and, of course, power outlets.

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Besides a few small beds, the Flying Cloud has a queen-size bed, a bathroom, a separate shower, a kitchen and a small dining area. Airstream plans to add optional office space on other trailer models in the future, a spokesperson said.

The trailer weighs about 6,800 pounds and costs $ 107,500. However, it may take a while to get one. Sales of recreational vehicles and travel trailers have exploded during the pandemic, with travelers avoiding air travel and hotels. Airstream’s website displays a prominent warning: “Due to high demand, wait times for new products are longer than normal.”
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