AirTV 2 from Sling TV just went through the FCC


Today, Dave Zatz, who has a reputation for spotting unannounced devices subject to the FCC approval process, said Sling TV had an AirTV 2 in preparation. This comes from a filing by the FCC of a new device spotted by Dave Zatz. We know very little about the new AirTV, all we have is a basic model name of AIRTV 2 and the FCC ID of DKN-ATV2.

So, what is the AirTV? With AirTV, you can combine your antenna and Sling TV guide into a single user interface with an ESPN located right next to your local ABC station from your antenna. Just recently, Sling TV has even added the ability to issue DVR broadcasts from your antenna.

You do not need a subscription to Sling TV to use an AirTV system. Sling TV offers an autonomous AirTV application. There is also no subscription to use the AirTV DVR feature, which makes it an inexpensive DVR option to broadcast your antenna to multiple devices. Make the AirTV popular with many cord cutters looking for a cheap OTA DVR.

The question that arises now is what will the AirTV Sling TV be. Will it be an Android TV streaming player like the current White AirTV. Or will it be a network device that will broadcast your antenna on multiple TVs such as Black AirTV? For the moment, we will have to wait and see what happens.

If you want a cheap AirTV right now, you can get an AirTV player with tuner and a $ 25 credit for Sling TV for only $ 69.92. Or get the AirTV Dual Tuner DVR for only $ 79.99.

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