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Albert Haynesworth Needs a Kidney Transplant – ProFootballTalk

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Albert Haynesworth retired after the 2011 season. He has had two serious medical problems since.

Pro Bowl's two-time defense defender announced on social media this week that he needed a kidney transplant and was looking for a donor.

"Well, that's difficult for me but my doctors said I had to contact family, friends and fans, "Haynesworth wrote on Instagram via Jim Wyatt of the Titans website. "Some of you may know that I've been fighting kidney disease for a few years now. The time has come for family, friends and fans. I have an urgent need for a kidney. Mine finally broke down on July 7, 2019. It's hard to believe, as a professional sportsman and after only eight seasons in retirement, that my body has suffered another major shock. First with the three seasons NFL brain aneurysm, now, my kidneys are failing me. But I can ask the good side of the last test. . . Someone generously give a kidney. "

Haynesworth is pictured in his hospital bed at the Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, Tennessee.

Haynesworth, now 38, played ten seasons after the Titans made him the fifteenth overall pick in 2002. He spent seven seasons in Tennessee, two in Washington and six games with the Patriots in 2011 and seven with Bucs to finish the career.

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