Alec Baldwin appears in the opening sketch of "SNL & # 39; as President Trump.

Alec Baldwin's attacking another Trump.

After hitting President Donald Trump about his rendition of "Saturday Night Live," Baldwin spoke to Twitter to respond to criticism from another family member – Donald Trump Jr. .

The eldest son of Trump, 41, criticized Baldwin after the actor resumed his award-winning impression of an Emmy Award on Trump at the NBC show Saturday. At the start of the opening sketch, 60-year-old Baldwin, mocked the Rose Garden president's national emergency statement Friday.

"Save everyone your (expletive) Alec!" Trump Jr. tweeted On Monday.

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Baldwin fought back, telling the Frank businessman that he could watch "SNL" behind bars.

"You know, Junior, I'm sure you pointed out, to face a possible indictment and a jail sentence for participating in the first criminal enterprise operating out of the (White House)," said Baldwin the @ABFalecbaldwin, the Twitter account of the Hilaria Foundation and Alec Baldwin. "But do not worry, tune in @nbcsnl while you're in the slammer, your father and his madness will never be far away."

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The two men started fighting on Twitter after Baldwin found himself facing Trump Sr. after Saturday's episode.

"Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on NBC's Fake News!" The question is how do networks manage to get out of those big Republican successes without retribution? … that's the real collusion! " Trump tweeted, before adding: "THE RAW MEDIA AND CORRUPT, IT'S THE PEOPLE'S ENEMY!"

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Baldwin asked if Trump's tweet posed a threat.

"I wonder if a president in office urging his supporters to consider me an enemy of the people in a television comedy poses a threat to my safety and that of my family?" he tweeted, causing a response from Trump Jr.

"The guy who strikes people in the face on a parking spot, has aggressively harassed paparazzi and humiliated his daughter by reprimanding him on the phone, etc. worries about a tweet that does not mention it even not?" he tweeted to Baldwin.

Trump Jr. continued, "Oh, do not forget the homophobic insults … this clown is such a mess that it's hard to keep track."

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