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Alex Bregman put a face on the floor

Photo: Brandon Wade (Getty)

Baseball is back! A game, anyway. Lance Lynn, who has the best season of his career at age 32, withdrew 11 goals and became the first MLB pitcher with 12 wins as the Rangers beat the Astros 5-0 on Thursday night. And Alex Bregman denied this old quote from John McGraw.

Bregman, who has just taken up his star crew, only plays in the short stops because Carlos Correa is in the American alliance. The Astros hope Bregman will not have to join him after leaving the game in the third inning after hitting a ground ball Shin-Soo Choo.

"He was bleeding when I went out," said Astros leader A.J. Hinch said, and Bregman needed four stitches to close the wound. More disturbingly, Bregman seemed disoriented and touched the area around his left ear. Let's hope the shot hits his jaw, but the Astros will control it thoroughly.

"It's going to be checked for everything today," Hinch said. "All that happens is going to go through the process, the protocol. He will see all the specialists he needs to make sure he is doing well. "

Bregman was not available to answer questions after the match. Even after the defeat, the Astros have a seven-game lead in the division. If Bregman needs free time, he will have it.

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