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Alien: A future 'digital series' based on game cinematics

20th Century Fox turns Alien: Isolation2014, Sega and Creative Assembly, in a "digital series" that reinvents the story of Amanda Ripley. This series of seven episodes will use the game's existing cinematics and "new stories", to tell the story of Extraterrestrial: Isolation in a non-interactive way.

IGN will be the host of the new Alien: Isolation The seven episodes will be available on YouTube on February 28th. The first trailer, which you can watch above, promises to tell Amanda Ripley's "new angle journey."

Of course, the complete list of game cinematics can be viewed on YouTube, but the digital series will likely help them stay independent with proper editing.

For those who have not played Alien: Isolation, the game lies between the events of the original Extraterrestrial and his suite, extraterrestrials. Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, investigates the apparent disappearance of her mother in the remote space station of Sevastopol. Things go terribly wrong when a Xenomorph appears.

It's already a great year for Amanda Ripley, who also plays in the last Alien: Blackout, a surveillance-survival game for mobile devices, and Extraterrestrial: Resistance, a new comic book series from the Dark Horse publisher.

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