Alisson claims to have a "big match" v Neymar


Release Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 11:22

Alisson "Expects to have a good game" while he supports Liverpool to keep Neymar in the Champions League.

Liverpool will visit the PSG Wednesday hoping to keep his European destiny in his hands.

The Reds started their campaign with a memorable victory over the Parisians but won just one more game, tilting against Napoli and Red Star.

They must avoid defeat in France to keep control of the progress of the group and Alisson is confident of being able to stay ahead of the championship of the League One.

"They have Neymar against our defenders, but we also have an excellent defense, so it will be a good game for everyone," he told London Evening Standard.

"I also think I have a good game in this game.

"I'm used to the team, my colleagues and culture.

"I'm really happy with my present moment with the team and the national team."


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