Alita adds $ 56 million abroad; Wandering Earth is now the # 2 movie in China Box Office


Refresh for later…: After starting early last weekend in Asia, Fox / Lightstorm's Alita: Battle Angel moved in offshore wide release this session with $ 56.2 million in 86 markets. This brings the total on the costly photo produced by James Cameron to $ 94.4 million at the international box office. Key versions in China and Japan are on deck Friday.

Fox had already taken advantage of the Chinese New Year to push Alita in Southeast Asia, where source material and higher-level 3D are particularly interesting. Tourniquets generally slow down, and of course, after the holiday period in this part of the world, and Alita Korea has experienced a significant decline since the previous session. However, it has kept number 1 in most Asian centers.

AlitaThe $ 56.2 million weekend is higher than the forecast estimates, which included strong starts in Russia and Mexico. The question is what will its legs look like in Europe and some of the most mature markets in the future – the UK lost about 57% this weekend, for example, and Spain was the only one to open the door of the majors of the continent. Currently, Alita is in advance Player Loan A (+ 5%) and The maze Runner (+ 43%) in the same group of 86 offshore markets and at today's rates. The maze Runner in 2014 finalized at approximately $ 246 million internationally and RP1 $ 445 million, of which over $ 200 million is in China (all historical rates). What Cameron recently called a "battle cruiser budget class", Alita remains an expensive proposition of profitability.


As for China, which joins the Battle Friday, we will receive Cameron's visit tomorrow. Beloved character of the Middle Kingdom, he will be in Beijing for the first time. The first estimates of the opening of the next weekend are in the $ 50 million zone. Alita could see formidable report if it draws in a vein of the Middle Kingdom similar to Player Loan A last year (this movie also had an extra local muscle via Alibaba). Of course, even if she does business in China, Alita will only return 25% of the box office to Fox's chests.

Also in China next weekend, Alita will compete with the science fiction blockbuster backup business The wandering earth. The leader of the general ranking at the international box office in last frame and this, the photo has now cumulated 3,7789 billion RMB ($ 560 million) become the second largest local film of the Middle Kingdom, behind only Wolf Warrior 2 (based on the local currency). It has reached its goal in 13 days and will soon reach $ 600 million.

The Wu Jing-starrer has also taken a new step in the current session, leading Avengers: war in the infinite to become the most profitable IMAX version ever sold in China. The total is now $ 43.7 million.

With a 50% drop for the FSS this session at $ 90M, Wandering earth always dominates the sessions in the middle empire. It is planned to start throwing screens and jockey with the arrival of Alita Friday.

Elsewhere, Universal / Blumhouse's Good death 2U extinguishes candles in 41 foreign markets with a $ 11.8 million beginning. The majors of the mix are led by Korea ($ 2.2 million). Overall, the sequel is ahead of the original in 23 markets, but Italy, Russia and Japan are coming.

And in the milestones, Disney's Ralph breaks the Internet has crossed the $ 300 million internationally and $ 500 million worldwide. Warner Bros & # 39; Aquaman, meanwhile, is swimming next to $ 800 million abroad and is now back home $ 1.13 billion global.

The breakdowns of the above movies and others are updated below.


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