All employees at 3 Sonic restaurants in Ohio have left their jobs together, closing the doors of the company.


CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio – Employees frustrated with the management of a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Circleville, Ohio, closed their shop and left one day in the last week of February, posting a note to Customer intent: store left. "

This did not only happen in Circleville: two other Ohio stores in nearby cities under the same direction joined: one in Grove City and one in Lancaster.

The sign left at the Circleville store has a foul language, but

it can be read online here

. It is signed "Sincerely, Ex Sonic Crew". The Lancaster Sonic sign read "Thank you to you" and contained a heart,

Scioto Post reports

. (This is the title of a popular Ariana Grande song.)

A manager at the Lancaster, Ohio branch e-mailed senior managers to say "THE BREAKFAST CLUB" was leaving because of information that had been withheld from employees.

The backlash would be due to a pay cut: employees went from a minimum wage of $ 8.55 to a salary of $ 4 per hour plus tips. Reports indicate that several executives were fired when the company moved from the franchise to the company, which also disrupted the store's employees.

The television station WSYX says

Eight local Sonic Drive-in restaurants are now part of a reorganization of property and management that followed reports of employee store closures.

The stores are now open again.

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